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Suzanne Stewart, Executive Director

Carl Kane, Artistic Director



172 Board members have served. They’ve come from all walks of life and geographically have been from Mt. Gretna & nearby cities as well as Philadelphia, West Chester, & other states, including Michigan, Maryland, etc. The present board members are:

Justin Badgerow

Glenn Bucher

Mary Bucher

John B. Craig

Carl Ellenberger (Founder)

Gilbert Feinberg (President)

Estelle Hartranft

Colette Hipolit

Jim Hipolit (Vice-president)

Drew Hostetter

Susan Hostetter

Carol Hunter

Paul Merluzzi

Gabriela Sanchis

Emi Snavely

Susan O. Wood (Secretary)

About Music at Gretna

Μusic at Gretna has filled the Mt. Gretna Playhouse with music since 1976 and Leffler Performance Center at Elizabethtown College since 1995. At the core of our mission is the great stream of Western music that began a millennium ago in Europe and gathered force as musicians from all countries and continents joined the flow through centuries. Among humanity's greatest achievements, that music has become a universal means of communication that can be enhanced by expressive and creative performance. We try to be courageous explorers of our vast musical universe.
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