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Sponsor and Donate

We could not do what we do without you! Every year, hundreds of people donate to our organization to keep the music playing. Every amount helps! You can call in your donation, send in your donation by mail, add your donation to your ticket order, or click on the Donate button at the bottom of this page to give via PayPal.

Want to sponsor a concert or a musician? Call us for more information.


Gretna Music Futures Fund

A supporter approached us recently about options for leaving us a donation in his will. His desire was that his gift would help to sustain Gretna Music for many years to come but also not be so restrictive that we would never receive the principal, which is what occurs currently in our two endowments. The Board worked on this issue and voted at the last meeting to form the Gretna Music Futures Fund. This Fund will accommodate donors who want their lifetime or testamentary gift to be preserved beyond the year in which it is given. This is a semi-restricted fund which allows Gretna Music to access 5% of such a gift each year, plus any investment gains it may generate. We urge donors who find this attractive to Suzanne Stewart for more details.


Gretna Music Society

If you have named or intend to name Music at Gretna (dba Gretna Music) in your will, please let us know so we can thank you and honor you accordingly! We’d like to know about your generosity so we can you recognize you and show our appreciation. Public recognition will remain anonymous if you prefer and there is no need to tell us the amount of the gift.




About Music at Gretna

Μusic at Gretna has filled the Mt. Gretna Playhouse with music since 1976 and Leffler Performance Center at Elizabethtown College since 1995. At the core of our mission is the great stream of Western music that began a millennium ago in Europe and gathered force as musicians from all countries and continents joined the flow through centuries. Among humanity's greatest achievements, that music has become a universal means of communication that can be enhanced by expressive and creative performance. We try to be courageous explorers of our vast musical universe.
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