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Girl Shy, Clark Wilson

200 Pennsylvania Avenue, Mt. Gretna, PA 17064 (Mt. Gretna Playhouse) 7:30 pm

Girl Shy, with Clark Wilson, theatre organ  

Comic genius Harold Lloyd’s masterpiece, 1924’s Girl Shy, is a silent film tour de force of subtle wit, physical slapstick, and old-time charm.  Today’s premier theatre organist, Clark Wilson, provides it with original, period authentic accompaniment.  And the evening begins with a classic Laurel and Hardy short!









That’s My Wife (1929)

Oliver stands to inherit a large fortune from his rich Uncle Bernal, with the condition that he be happily married. But when Mrs. Hardy walks out just before Uncle Bernal is due for a visit, Stanley is pressed into duty (and into drag) to impersonate Oliver’s loving spouse.

“Undoubtedly the most hilarious Laurel & Hardy of all” – Vicdru





Girl Shy (1924)

A shy, stuttering bachelor, Harold, decides to write a guide book that details to other bashful men how to find a girlfriend. After falling in love with Mary, our hero must save her from marrying the villain of the film.

“plenty of excitement and an extra allowance of laughs” – Photoplay


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