GM4K Beethoven and a Wild Pig

Mount Gretna, PA, United States

Mt. Gretna Playhouse

11:00 AM
$5 for youth, $5 for adults who bring a youth, $10 for adults

Learn more about Beethoven and enjoy an original piece about a pig who saves the day!

Thomas Gallant, founder of the Frisson Ensemble, was born into a large working class family to a Portuguese mother and French father outside of Boston. When he first brought home an oboe from the local band program his family was rather disappointed as they did not know what an oboe was and asked him to “go back to school and return it for an instrument like all the other kids play such as the trumpet or clarinet”. Luckily, he stuck with the oboe. And founded Frisson, which features the best and brightest of classical music’s rising stars.

The Gretna Music for Kids one hour program will feature works from Beethoven and James the Captain Cook Pig, an original piece composed by Allen Krantz, about an adventurous pig. This event will be led by master storyteller Charlotte Blake Alston. Charlotte will also be the narrator for the James the Captain Cook Pig. Stay afterwards to partake in activities and fun food that highlight the music that will be heard. All ages welcome. Sensory-Friendly.

Venue Details

200 Pennsylvania Avenue
Mount Gretna, PA 17064
United States
(717) 361-1508