Julien Labro, bandoneón w Allen Krantz

Mount Gretna, PA, United States

House Concert

4:00 PM

Labro is a triple threat: brilliant technician, poetic melodist and cunning arranger.

The world’s foremost  bandoneón player in both the classical and jazz genres, Julien Labro, teams up with Gretna Music favorite Allen Krantz, guitar, for a fun outdoor concert in one of Mt. Gretna’s most beautiful gardens.

The concert will start with solo bandoneon (a South American accordian-like instrument) and solo guitar music by Bach, Chopin and others. It will culminate in the exciting four movement duet, “Histoire du Tango” (History of the Tango) by Astor Piazolla, master of the modern tango and whose own insturment was the bandoneon.

The Program

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The Instruments


The bandoneón was developed by Heinrich Band in the 1840’s. Although invented in Germany, it quickly made its way to Argentina and became synonymous with the Argentine tango. With the appearance of a square accordion, the bandoneón is actually closer to the concertina. Each end of the bandoneón is a square wooden box containing a small reed organ operated by several rows of buttons. These boxes are connected by a folding bellows. Expanding and contracting the bellows provides air to the reed organs producing the sounds, and depressing the buttons directs air to the appropriate reed. The right side is a descant reed organ for playing the melody notes and the left side is a bass reed organ for playing bass notes. The descant side also has a thumb lever that disengages the reed organ, so the bellows can expand or contract without sounding any notes.

The Artists

Heralded as “the next accordion star,” Julien Labro has established himself as the foremost accordion and bandoneón player in both the classical and jazz genres. Deemed to be “a triple threat: brilliant technician, poetic melodist and cunning arranger,” his artistry, virtuosity, and creativity as a musician, composer and arranger have earned him international acclaim and continue to astonish audiences worldwide.

Picking up the accordion at 9, French-born Labro’s earliest influence was traditional folk music and the melodic, lyrical quality of the French chanson. After graduating from the Marseille Conservatory and sweeping first prize in many international accordion competitions, Labro moved to the United States to further pursue his musical dream.

Equipped with advanced degrees in classical music, jazz studies, and composition, Labro draws from his diverse background and eclectic musical influences in his search for new themes and untried concepts, evolving and developing his ideas into new projects. Labro has worked with numerous symphonies, chamber ensembles and collaborators around the world.

Allen Krantz, a graduate of the San Francisco Conservatory and Stanford University, has received acclaim as a solo guitarist and chamber musician and composer.  His performances throughout the United States have included appearances at Carnegie Hall, Saratoga Performing Arts Center and the Phillips Collection in Washington, with his diverse programs often featuring original compositions.

Recent compositions include a Trio for Flute, Clarinet and Guitar, a Guitar Quintet, a book of Guitar Etudes and “Marilyn Cycle”, a setting of Marilyn Monroe’s poetry for voice, clarinet, cello and piano commissioned by the Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association.   “On the Road” and “Little Elegy” for voice and string quartet, were commissioned by Lyric Fest in Philadelphia.  Other recent pieces are “Quartet for Piano and Strings”, which premiered at Gretna Music, “Passacaglia” for trombone, guitar and piano, premiered by Joseph Alessi of the New York Philharmonic; “Three Pieces for Chamber Orchestra”,  “Sacred Places” for solo guitar, and “American Document” commissioned by the Martha Graham Dance Company.  “A Musical Walk”, a children’s piece was commissioned by the Philadelphia Orchestra,  and “Under One Roof”, a trio for trumpet violin and piano was written in celebration of the 125th anniversary of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Mr. Krantz heads the guitar program and teaches chamber music at Temple University.

The Composer

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Venue Details

House Concert Mount Gretna, PA
United States