Conversations with Carl


12:00 PM

Artistic Director Carl Kane shares his love of music in these 20 minute sessions

Hosted by Gretna Music Artistic Director Carl Kane, and hopefully not interrupted by a grumpy Gus the Cat, Conversations with Carl will be short, 20 minute discussions of various musical subjects, curiosities, trivialities, and absurdities that have grabbed Carl’s (limited) attention.

After each discussion there’ll be a Q&A where you can find out how much, or how little, Carl really knows about music, or anything else. Math questions not allowed.

This event is held on Zoom so if you have not downloaded Zoom to your computer, we encourage you to do so. If you require any assistance with Zoom, please email Mika for assistance at

In order to begin as close to noon as possible, the meeting will open at 11:50 am. Zoom in early to say hello.

Email to request the link.

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