Music and Meditation


4:00 PM

Gretna's meditation leader Leslie Clair Bures guides us through a 30 minute session

Our first week, was Debussy’s Claire de Lune.  What will it be this week?

Leslie Clair Bures will be leading a guided heart rhythm meditation accompanied by music every Wednesday at 4 pm in July.

Heart rhythm meditation is a form of meditation that focuses on conscious breathing. The controlled breathing has an effect on a person’s emotional, mental, and physical states.

The session begins with a 5-10 minute guided meditation and ends with deep breathing to the chosen piece of music for the week. Let Leslie’s gentle voice, the rhythm of the music, and the sound of your heartbeat come together to create a peaceful sense of relaxation in your body and mind.

This event is held on Zoom so if you have not downloaded Zoom to your computer, we encourage you to do so. If you require any assistance with Zoom, please email Mika for assistance at

In order to begin as close to 4pm as possible, the meeting will open at 3:50pm. Zoom in early to say hello.

Email to request the link.

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