Gretna Music for Kids

Music exploration and learning begin with you! Gretna Music celebrates families and music making around the world with programs and activities to encourage musical learning, discovery, and play.  Our performances are sensory-friendly and presented in a judgment-free environment where movement and interaction are often encouraged.

As if our concerts weren’t exciting enough, any youth who attends all three of our Gretna Music for Kids shows gets to pick a prize! But we can’t tell you what it is…guess you’ll have to find out on September 3!

Saturday, July 2, 2022 | 11 am – Do you want to know a secret?

Did you know that you could hide a secret in a song? Some believe spirituals included hidden messages to help slaves escape toward freedom on the Underground Railroad. Legend or fact, these are some of the most beloved songs of our Nation. “We’ll be singing together, clapping together, we’re going to have a good time,” says gospel singer Michelle Mayne-Graves. Stick around after the show for hands-on activities. 

All tickets $5, max of $20 per group*.  Click here for purchase

Saturday, July 9, 2022 | 11 am Can a violin order a pizza?

What can music help you say? Composer-pianist Bruce Adolphe, the Bill Nye of the classical music world, and three of his musical friends bring a sense of zany fun to this interactive concert that proves kids are smart, insightful, and great listeners! Mixing improvisations based on audience suggestions, along with good ol’ storytelling, fairy tales, and original pieces, Bruce (the Piano Puzzler on public radio and director of Family Concerts at New York City’s Lincoln Center) will have kids enchanted and engaged. Stay to ask questions, meet the artists, try out making some of your own music. 

All tickets $5, max of $20 per group*.  Click here for purchase

Saturday, September 3, 2022 | 11 am What sounds better?

How has music changed over the years? Join violinist Ariel, violist Jordan and pianist Wynona as they make us think about how music from the past differs from music of today and what music of the future may sound like. Ariel will also share Navajo (Diné) music, then and now. Stick around to meet the musicians, make your own musical Navajo toy, learn about Navajo culture, as well as play some instruments.

All tickets $5, max of $20 per group*Click here for purchase

Learn more about the rising stars of the classical world that are taking us on this trip through time by clicking on their photos!


Mondays with Mr. Music – Sing-Alongs for Families – FREE

Hall of Philosophy, Mt. Gretna, PA, 10:00 am, Mondays, July 18, August 1, August 15. If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands! Mr. Music from Pennsylvania PBS encourages everyone to sing along as he performs favorite children’s songs and original tunes. Free. In partnership with Gretna Music and PA Chautauqua Summer Programs.

In 1988, his daughter’s kindergarten class nicknamed him Mr. Music (they couldn’t say Mr. Tepsich) and it stuck! He is a recipient of the Easter Seals “Brace for an Ace” award for his work with special needs children.  Providing “alternative therapy” for these kids earned him the Volunteer of the Year award from the Pennsylvania Chapter of Volunteers of America.  He continues working with “life skills” kids, Head Start kids, IU, and Early Intervention Programs.  His PeaceBeat© project for inner-city kids helped to open their eyes and hearts to God’s peace as they work on peaceful resolutions in their all too often violent world.

He was a featured performer at HersheyPark for over 30 years.  In 2005 he produced “Welcome to HersheyPark”, a collection of original and traditional songs that greet guests as they enter the park. He has performed for the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institute, Walt Disney World, Honolulu Academy of the Arts, and festivals, schools, and libraries across the USA.  In 1996 he declined an offer to relocate and perform at DisneyWorld in Florida.  He much prefers the changing seasons in Central Pennsylvania where he continues his unending devotion to his music and his love for children…

These days you can find him on public TV (WITF) performing his songs of encouragement for his young audience.  He was named the 2020 Central PA Music Award’s Best Children’s Music Artist.

*For groups of six or more, the price is capped at $20. To receive the $20 price cap, groups must have at least two children per one adult.

Funding for our family programming is generously provided by The Presser Foundation, The Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation, The William R. & Esther Richmond Foundation, The Franklin H. & Ruth L. Wells Foundation, the Women’s Symphony Association of Lancaster, John L. and C. Jeanette Witmer Charitable Trust, and The Hershey Company.